Bratstvo Prigrevica players and squad

Serbia Bratstvo Prigrevica

Bratstvo Prigrevica
Full name: FK Bratstvo Prigrevica
Foundation: 1946
Stadium: Prigrevica Stadion
City: Prigrevica
Country: Serbia

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Squads (2019/2020)

No player photo
O. Čučković
38 years old
Radoš Bulatović
R. Bulatović
37 years old
No player photo
D. Resanović
29 years old
No player photo
O. Šveljo
27 years old
No player photo
D. Stanković
32 years old
No player photo
P. Tanasić
26 years old
Branislav Vejnović
B. Vejnović
32 years old
No player photo
S. Vuković
22 years old
No player photo
D. Kovacevič
32 years old
No player photo
N. Makar
28 years old
No player photo
N. Vuković
25 years old
No player photo
M. Zečević
31 years old
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