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Russia Metallurg Lipetsk

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Full name: FK Metallurg Lipetsk
Foundation: 1957
Stadium: Stadion Metallurg
City: Lipetsk
Country: Russia

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David Ikanovich
D. Ikanovich
31 years old
Aleksandr Kobzev
A. Kobzev
32 years old
Anton Belov
A. Belov
25 years old
Maksim Sazonov
M. Sazonov
21 years old
Konstantin Titov
K. Titov
33 years old
Aleksandr Viktorov
A. Viktorov
30 years old
Vladlen Babaev
V. Babaev
24 years old
Veniamin Bayazov
V. Bayazov
24 years old
No player photo
V. Cherniy
23 years old
Yaroslav Denisov
Y. Denisov
21 years old
Evgeni Frolov
E. Frolov
35 years old
Nikolay Ivannikov
N. Ivannikov
29 years old
Nikita Kashaev
N. Kashaev
28 years old
Aleksandr Kharin
A. Kharin
33 years old
Andrey Mokhov
A. Mokhov
22 years old
Andrey Ovchinnikov
A. Ovchinnikov
34 years old
Nikita Ponomarev
N. Ponomarev
21 years old
Andrey Razomazov
A. Razomazov
22 years old
No player photo
N. Smirnykh
19 years old
No player photo
R. Voydel
35 years old
Ruslan Akhvlediani
R. Akhvlediani
33 years old
Artur Arustamyan
A. Arustamyan
24 years old
Sergey Chernyshov
S. Chernyshov
36 years old
No player photo
I. Glebov
20 years old
Aleksandr Kutjin
A. Kutjin
35 years old
Sergey Mashnin
S. Mashnin
54 years old
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